Tech-Powered Women Entrepreneurs Breaking Barriers

By Innovator Trust on 15 Nov 23

Tech-Powered Women Entrepreneurs Breaking Barriers

In a celebration of innovation and empowerment, our recent IG Live brought together a dynamic trio of trailblazing women who are redefining the narrative in the tech and entrepreneurship space. Hosted by the charismatic Kim Jansen, we gained insights into the entrepreneurial journeys of Marilyn Radebe, Yolanda Mbanguzi, and Mandisa Mpeko.

Meet the Tech Powerhouses

Marilyn Radebe, CEO and Founder of Soma Solutions, kicked off the conversation by sharing her journey into the ICT space. Motivated by a desire to bring technical offerings to the forefront, she highlighted the evolution of women in the industry, especially noting the increasing presence of women taking on technical roles rather than being confined to traditional positions in marketing and HR.

Yolanda Mbanguzi, CEO and Founder of Zoë Projects & Consulting, inspired us with her commitment to making a difference in society through Zoë Projects. Operating in South Africa, Yolanda emphasized how AI has enabled her team to find innovative solutions to real-world problems. The sheer inspiration lies in doing it as women, challenging stereotypes, and reshaping the landscape.

Mandisa Mpeko, Supplier Development Manager for Innovator Trust, shed light on the continuous journey of Innovator Trust in supporting SMMEs. It's not just about programs; it's about building intimate, enduring relationships. She emphasized that the challenges and stereotypes faced by women in the tech space require a belief in oneself and a recognition of one's value.

Exploring Impact: Digital Transformation and AI

The heart of the discussion revolved around the impact of digital transformation and AI on female entrepreneurs. These tech-powered women provided invaluable insights into how technology is not only helping them overcome challenges but also driving their success in the competitive business world.

As we reflect on this empowering conversation, it's evident that these women are not just entrepreneurs; they are catalysts for change. They challenge stereotypes, break barriers, and inspire the next generation to believe in their capabilities. The intersection of technology and entrepreneurship has never looked more promising, and these women are at the forefront, leading the way.

In the ever-evolving landscape of tech, the stories of especially Marilyn and Yolanda serve as beacons of inspiration. They are not just building empires; they are architects of a future where women in tech continue to rise, innovate, and thrive.

Did you miss this inspirational conversation or want to watch it again? Click here view the IG Live.

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