SKJ Group: Built on Resilience, Driven by Innovation

By Innovator Trust on 18 Apr 24

SKJ Group: Built on Resilience, Driven by Innovation

"The best entrepreneurs know that everyone on the team needs to win. They create a culture that fosters not just achievement but also development. They understand that when you invest in your people, you invest in your company's future," - Herb Kelleher, Co-founder of Southwest Airlines. Entrepreneur Shaun Jacobs, founder of SKJ Group, embodies these very characteristics, and the SKJ Group story is one of perseverance and a commitment to excellence in the telecommunications industry. As a Phoenix rises from the ashes, Jacobs and his team emerge from a challenging initial chapter and rise from the ashes to start SKJ Group.

The Beginning

"Our initial venture involved the rollout of key fibre optic infrastructure in prominent golf estates. However, the business dissolved due to unforeseen circumstances. Despite this setback, I remained committed to the team and the potential for growth in the telecommunications industry. With a strong belief in the value of collaboration and employee well-being, I founded SKJ Group in 2019. Thankfully, my dedicated team trusted me as much as I trusted them and chose to join me on this new journey."

To ensure a solid foundation, SKJ returned to an older client where they had already proved their value. They began modestly, utilising a reliable Bantam Bakkie, and meticulously conducted due diligence before strategically expanding their services and acquiring additional equipment. So why the Innovator Trust?

A Pivotal Moment in Growth

SKJ Group entered the Innovator Trust's Hatch Incubation Programme, recognising the need for a more structured approach.

SKJ Group's initial challenge was managing the various aspects of the business. In the early stages, when the focus was keeping things afloat, Jacobs, like many entrepreneurs, found himself wearing many hats. However, the Hatch Incubation Programme played a crucial role in helping him recognise the importance of delegating tasks and investing in staff training. The program, workshops, and mentorship provided Jacobs with candid feedback on areas for development, particularly management skills. This realisation helped Jacobs overcome the initial tendency to micromanage and instead leverage the expertise available within the program.

Jacobs highlights, "This program proved to be a pivotal moment in our growth trajectory. Through the Innovator Trust, we gained valuable insights into financial management, the art of effective delegation, and the importance of a well-trained workforce. While technological advancements from an AI aspect weren't the primary focus, the program provided essential hardware to optimise our operations."

Ultimately, they streamlined their focus on core competencies – splicing and testing – to deliver the most efficient connectivity solutions. The Key Learnings from the support received allowed SKJ Group to grow and realise that they could diversify their offering with streamlined processes.

Key Learnings from the Hatch Incubation Programme:

  • Delegation is a management strategy, not an abdication of responsibility. Empowering a skilled team allows for optimum performance.
  • Realistic ambition fuels long-term success. Prioritising quality over quantity ensures consistent client satisfaction.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude fosters a productive work environment. Challenges are best addressed with solutions, not negativity.
  • Every successfully completed project contributes to achieving our overall goals regardless of size.
  • Investing in employee loyalty is an investment in the company's future. Treating our team with respect builds lasting connections.
  • Continuous learning is essential for staying competitive in the ever-evolving business landscape.

SKJ Group is actively expanding its service offerings. "We've ventured into the exciting world of solar training and wind farm support, leveraging our expertise to contribute to the growing green energy sector.

SKJ Group's story exemplifies its unwavering commitment to adaptation, innovation, and exceptional service. This dedication extends beyond core business practices. By building strong client relationships, nurturing future industry leaders, and cultivating a culture of excellence within its organisation, SKJ Group fosters a dynamic environment that fuels sustainable growth. This positive impact extends not only to the company itself but to the clients and communities it serves.

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