Hatch Incubation Programme

What is the Innovator Trust Hatch Incubation programme?

The Innovator Trust operates as an ESD Incubator and Empowerment Business Incubator, fostering SME Growth through strategic partnerships in South Africa. Through our Enterprise Development programme - Hatch, SMMEs are nurtured and developed through training, skills sharing, and infrastructure support.

We serve as an ESD Implementation Partner, facilitating Business Acceleration and Incubation programmes aimed at empowering entrepreneurs in key regions such as Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, and Gauteng.

We assist in the acceleration of business through identifying opportunities of importance and offering a custom gap analysis where we can work with the SMME to maximize on potential growth areas. We cultivate through our incubator partner programmes – where we are able to equip the small business owner with the correct tools and skills needed to work towards success. In addition to the above, our SMME partners are allocated business mentors to offer guidance and help facilitate the creation of networks.


Who is the Innovator Trust Hatch Incubation programme for?

Hatch Incubation Programme is designed for small, medium, and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs), which may include early-stage companies, or established businesses looking to expand their operations.

The programme provides training and development opportunities to help entrepreneurs or business owners build the skills needed to run their businesses effectively. The Hatch is designed to provide support and resources to SMMEs, with the goal of helping them to overcome challenges, develop new skills, and grow their businesses.

If you are in the following industries then the Hatch Incubation Programme is for you:

  • Digital Software Development
  • Fintech
  • IOT
  • AI 
  • E-Commerce
  • Tech Infrastructure
  • Tech Networking
  • Cyber Security

How can the Innovator Trust Hatch Incubation programme benefit SMME?

The Hatch Incubation programme can provide valuable support to SMMEs, helping them to overcome challenges, develop new skills, and grow their businesses.

1. Business skills development: Through our Enterprise Development programme we offer training and development programs to help SMMEs improve their business skills. This can include training in areas such as finance and accounting, marketing, human resources, and other key business areas. By improving these skills, a SMME can run their businesses more efficiently and effectively, leading to better growth prospects and higher profitability.

2. Access to funding: Our Technical Support gives SMMEs access to funding, which can be crucial when looking to expand business operations by investing in new equipment, hire additional staff, or expand the businesses product or service offerings.

3. Networking opportunities: The Enterprise Development programme provide SMMEs with access to networking opportunities, such as our WIT and T.E.X events, conferences and bespoke workshops. This helps our SMMEs to connect with other business owners, industry experts, and potential customers, leading to new business opportunities and increased exposure.

4. Market access: Our Enterprise Development programs can help SMMEs to access new markets, both locally and internationally. This can include assistance with exporting, developing new partnerships, and accessing new distribution channels. By expanding their market reach, SMMEs can increase their customer base and grow their businesses.

Support Provided to our SMME’s in our Hatch Incubation programme include a focus on the following knowledge areas:

  • Incubation (Enterprise Development),
  • Technical Support and Development,
  • Presenting, Media, Pitching and Workshops,
  • Bespoke Workshops,
  • Networking and Conferences.


Criteria for admission to the Hatch Incubation programme

  • The business must be a registered company with key focus in ICT,
  • Must be operational and trading for 2 or more years,
  • A minimum Level 1 - 4 BBBEE status according to the DTI or ICT Codes,
  • The business should be at least 51% black owned,
  • Minimum annual turnover of R200 000,
  • A company defined in South Africa as an SMME, QSE or EME,
  • Latest Audited Financial Statements (AFS) or 12 months management accounts.

Supporting Documentation

Each individual SMME’s application must be able to provide:

  • Company Profile,
  • Valid BEE Certificate / Affidavit,
  • CIPC Registration,
  • Certified Copy of Directors / Owners ID,
  • Shareholders Certificate,
  • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate,
  • Latest Audited Financial Statements (AFS) or 12 months management accounts.

How to apply for the Innovator Trust Hatch Incubation programme

  • Applications for the 2024/2025 Hatch Incubation Programme closed on Friday, 28 June 2024.
  • Click the APPLY NOW button
  • You will be redirected to our Enterprise Development Portal
  • Click “Register Now”
  • Fill in the Registration Form
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