Notes on Becoming the G.O.A.T from other G.O.A.Ts     

By Innovator Trust on 17 Jun 22

Notes on Becoming the G.O.A.T from other G.O.A.Ts     

If you’ve ever sat back and reflected on what it is you wanted to become in life, greatness must’ve come up at one point or another. In a world filled with more than 7-billion people from different walks of life, backgrounds, shapes, voices and sizes; that’s a massive number of people contending for greatness.

This Youth Month, we’ve made it our mission to ask the questions that get you, the dreamers and go-getters, thinking about making your G.O.A.T status a reality in this lifetime.

Is it possible? Is there enough space and time for every human being to find greatness, to feel great, to be great? And at the core of the concept of greatness, what is it exactly and more importantly, how do you get there?

The question and the search for answers is intriguing yet puzzling and for the first time, even Google doesn’t have a simple, direct answer.  The next best thing is to look into what other people who are considered great have to say about. Here are 7 Notes on Greatness from other G.O.A.Ts, that we’ve found:


Becoming great is therefore something that is available and accessible to each and every one of us 7-billion plus people on the earth through the gift of choice. More importantly, it’s completely free. What better deal to achieving your G.O.A.T status?

This Youth Day, we pose the question to you, our readers, and every young South African out there… will you choose to be the G.O.A.T for your generation? Are you willing and ready to make the necessary moves and sacrifices to become the greatest of all time? It is our hope that you will be inspired to answer YES and take that first step TODAY to committing to achieving your greatness!

The world awaits to add your name to the list of greats…

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