Celebrating a Year of Triumphs: Loomee Group's Global Impact

By Innovator Trust on 15 Jan 24

Celebrating a Year of Triumphs: Loomee Group's Global Impact

We reflect on Loomee Group, one of the Innovator Trust’s alumni, which has undergone a remarkable journey leading to significant accomplishments since their participation in the esteemed Running Remote Conference held in Lisbon, Portugal, back in April 2023. The Running Remote Conference is an annual three-day live event that attracts hundreds of companies worldwide, gathering to engage in discussions about the latest strategies and to learn from industry leaders on topics such as flexible work, company culture, scaling, transitioning, AI, and more.

Loomee Group, a shining example of South African innovation in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, has continued to make waves on the global stage. Representing South Africa at the Running Remote Conference was not just an opportunity for Loomee Groupto showcase their latest remote work services solutions; it was a testament to their commitment to technological excellence and innovation.

As an Innovator Trust alumnus, Loomee Group’s journey has been one of growth and resilience. The meticulous preparation and strategic planning that went into their participation in the international exhibition were supported by Innovator Trust's guidance, setting the stage for a successful showcase on the global stage.

Since April, Loomee Group has reaped the benefits of their exposure at the Running Remote Conference. Their increased brand visibility and heightened market credibility have been instrumental in establishing key strategic alliances with international industry leaders and potential clients. Networking opportunities at the conference paved the way for ongoing dialogues with prospective collaborators, exploring possibilities for future joint ventures and cross-border expansion.

As we celebrate the achievements of Loomee Group, we also recognize the importance of nurturing connections established during such events. Throughout the year, Innovator Trust has continued to support Loomee Group in fostering ongoing communication with potential partners, strategically aligning their business objectives with international market demands, and actively engaging in collaborative research and development initiatives.

Loomee Group’s journey as an Innovator Trust alumnus showcases the potential for South African companies to thrive on the global stage. Their venture into the international arena has not only contributed to the growth and visibility of their business but has positioned them as key contributors to the advancement of the South African technology landscape.

As we look back on the past year, Loomee Group’s story is a testament to the impact of collaboration, innovation, and the support provided by Innovator Trust. We remain dedicated to empowering South African innovation and celebrating the success stories of companies like Loomee Group that continue to elevate the reputation of the South African ICT sector on a global scale.

For more information about Loomee Group and how to get in touch with them, please visit their website: www.loomeegroup.co.z

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