A Shift from Dreaming to Doing

By Innovator Trust on 17 Feb 22

A Shift from Dreaming to Doing
It’s a funny thing, to defy the certainty of facts when they’re presented to us plainly, right before our eyes. Some would even call such behaviour being counter intuitive. History however, has taught us that going against the grain and defying all odds has at times, yielded the greatest rewards for mankind. For those ‘crazy’ enough to dare life and fate, those who just can’t get enough riding rollercoasters, the dreamers... they’re the ones to whom the sacred discoveries of life and opportunity are promised, just waiting there, ready for the taking. 
The theme penned at our Women In Tech Appreciation experience last year was #DareToDream; a call to action and reminder that despite the hardships and loss of the last 2 years, that one thing we must always hold onto is our dreams. Dreams are a force of inspiration and motivation, especially in times when things seem to not be going so well. Dreams can provide direction when you may feel you have lost your way and strength to keep you going when you feel like giving up. 
In the book, ‘Your Roadmap to Success,’ John Maxwell pens his thoughts on the ‘power of dreams’ as something beyond your wants, goals or objectives. He describes dreams as “a vision deep inside that speaks to the very soul,” something linked to our talents and gifts, something that appeals to our highest ideals and ultimately something deeper than logic and reason, “inseparably linked to our purpose in life.” This kind of force is powerful and when put to use, can serve as the fuel we need to get the ball rolling on the big and bold plans and goals we set out for ourselves and our businesses (usually at the beginning of each new year).
As powerful as a dream may be though, and as much as it may cast the vision of the ideal versions of the lives we want to live, without any conscious action, a dream will simply remain just that.  
Moving From Dreaming to Action 
How do we begin to move from dreaming to taking action then? And if you’re reading this and already actively working towards your dreams, how do keep at it long enough to see it come to reality? It’s common as entrepreneurs, to start out as dreamers and very quickly find yourself bogged down, stressed and despondent in the doing, that you sometimes find yourself losing sight of your dreams. In those moments of demotivation, what can you do to keep yourself on track?
  1. Remember your why – this the call to action to #DareToDream or remember the dream you envisioned when you first embarked on your journey.
  2. Rely on Routine and Discipline  - when motivation is low, it is the habit of routine (the things we do daily), and the discipline to do those things consistently, that will see you make progress towards your dreams becoming a reality
  3. Take a break – sometimes, all you need is a short break, a change of environment to clear your headspace, switch your perspective and find that inspiration again.
  4. Surround yourself with someone to hold you accountable – having a person you trust  (mentor, friend, family member) to share your plans and goals with 
Here’s to gearing up, to #levelup and shift from #DaringToDream to #DaringToDo!

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