The essence of entrepreneurship has been at the heart of the Innovator Trust from our beginnings. Vodacom and the Innovator Trust established the Youth Entrepreneurship Programme (YEP), aimed at equipping local unemployed youth with the requisite set of skills to become cutting-edge entrepreneurs. The tailor-made programme aims to drive innovation and create job opportunities that could bring significant changes to the local economy.



The Innovator Trust and Vodacom went through a rigorous selection process, choosing 10 Gauteng-based graduates from the Vodacom Academy to partake in the 6-month programme. The graduates will receive business training from experienced facilitators and gain insight into business acumen.

By supporting them with developing their business idea, business model, business plan and other business development areas, graduates will increase their potential to grow their business and become successful entrepreneurs. 


The programme includes courses such as Pitching and Presentation Skills, Business Development, Marketing, Creating a Business Plan, Due Diligence and Compliance including CIPRO Requirements, Basics of Labour Law, New Companies Act/BEE, HR Management, and Financial Management, to mention a few.