We offer a robust Enterprise Development programme offering, thanks to our strategic partnerships. Our present partners Raizcorp and Shanduka Black Umbrellas are both well-established and offer our beneficiaries expertise, mentorship, and training. Each partner brings a uniqueness and versatility to our Enterprise Development Programme (ED).



Raizcorp provides business support for enthusiastic, growth-hungry entrepreneurs, offering them a platform that fosters learning and guidance, which can be translated into practical business success.

Raizcorp has been incubating entrepreneurs since 2000 and to date more than 1 500 businesses have graduated from the Raizcorp Prosperation™ programme and have been the first business support organisation in Africa to be recognised as a Centre of Excellence by the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (SFEDI), the UK government-approved standards setting body for entrepreneurial development.

The Raizcorp Enterprise Development Programmes focuses on introducing entrepreneurs to the concept of business and assisting in developing ideas into executable businesses and assist them in taking their business ideas to the first level of commercialisation.

To find out more about Raizcorp, please visit their website: http://www.raizcorp.com/

Shanduka Black Umbrellas


This partner and programme focuses on promoting entrepreneurship and nurturing 100% black-owned businesses in the critical years of operation. In 2009 the Shanduka Foundation partnered with Black Umbrellas to create the combined: Shanduka Black Umbrellas.

The vision of Shanduka Black Umbrellas is to be a catalyst in the development of entrepreneurs, a sector critical to the empowerment of historically marginalized South Africans.

The programme activation begins with a pre-incubation phase (3 months), followed by full incubation (3 years) through to graduation.

To find out more about Shanduka Black Umbrellas, please visit their website: http://shandukablackumbrellas.org/



The Barn, an incubator for entrepreneurs with a focus on tech and innovation, as well as empowering women in business and youth in tech, forms part of the CiTi group of organisations and has four physical co-working and collaboration environments in the Western Cape, with various entrepreneurial innovation and growth programmes.

CiTi is the hub of tech and innovation in Cape Town and nurtures a thriving technovation ecosystem. It is the flagship organisation for the technology sector in the region and has become a blueprint for industry and public sector collaboration models for sector development.

As the oldest technology incubator in South Africa, and through their VeloCiTi programmes, they have incubated over 2000 businesses with programmes being offered from idea stage through to established businesses.

This partner also provides spaces that are fitted with computer labs as well as a quiet space for entrepreneurs to collaborate and equip them with business skills and mentoring that will accelerate their product to market. Key to this is to connect them with their potential customers to continually test their solutions.

To find out more about The Barn, please visit their website: http://www.citi.org.za/bandwidth-barn/

Kulea Consulting


Kulea Consulting is positioned as a partner to economic development programmes in the Southern Africa region, for both corporate and public sector lead initiatives. As an organisation, Kulea brings together the best support team to address client and company needs. They have a sound understanding of the broad Enterprise Supplier Development environment, which has been acquired over 20 years within the industry. Their clientele includes government economic development agencies, SMMEs, listed as well as Public and Private Sector.

Kulea Consulting is a national specialised business consultancy focused on the development of enterprises. The consultancy has first-hand knowledge and experience within the business incubator space. They not only run their own incubation programme but also provide expertise, insights and support to both regional and national business incubation programmes.

To find out more about Kulea Consulting, please visit their website: http://kulea.co.za/about/



The Innovator Trust is proud to work alongside the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) to offer our beneficiaries the opportunity to make their dreams a reality through education. The Innovator Trust Enterprise Development Programme is offering a GIBS scholarship opportunity to qualifying black, female SMMEs in the ICT sector, who are looking to expand their knowledge in business operations.

This scholarship will see the leaders in these businesses completing the 13-month Programme for Management Development. The PMD programme seeks to train SMMEs on business and general management by providing a number of skills and support activities, mentorship, networking and infrastructure support.

As a school for business, GIBS has a primary focus on general management in dynamic markets to significantly improve responsible individual and organisational performance. The organisation caters specifically to the South African and increasingly broader African environment, through the provision of high quality business and management education

To find out more about GIBS, please visit their website: https://www.gibs.co.za/