Unlocking entrepreneurial creativity in Africa

By The Innovator Trust on 18 Oct 16

Unlocking entrepreneurial creativity in Africa


17 October 2016: Established in 2009, Mind Trix Media has become a fast growing agency producing quality work for some of the reputable companies in the country offering services such as building HTML sites to responsive websites for mobile devices.

Founder, Bheki Kunene (28), is a perfect example of an entrepreneur that has not allowed the current economic challenges to keep him from making a success of his dreams and business. Kunene attended the Forbes under 30 Summit in Israel in May 2016, where he represented the entire African continent in a panel discussion on how great entrepreneurs unlock creativity.

According to Kunene, the summit was the perfect platform to share global ideas on how to unlock creativity in entrepreneurship.

“The discussion was thought provoking and I took away a lot of insights from the other panellists that would help me grow and develop my business and team back home,” says Kunene.

“The underlining commonalities amongst these ventures were committed co-founders, access to some form of financing to achieve high returns, and emphasis on quality over quantity,” he says. Kunene says the summit brought together a high calibre group of entrepreneurs and stimulated critical thinking and creativity.

“I observed, engaged and exchanged ideas with fellow speakers and participants and we all shared insights on the business challenges we faced in our countries”, he says.

“I was also exposed to a new world of opportunities on various subjects such as Forex, innovation, acquisition, and guidelines for scaling business models”, adds Kunene.

Kunene’s company, Mind Trix Media, is a creative design agency, specialising in digital design and branding, and is a beneficiary of the Innovator Trust Enterprise Development Programme.

Tashline Jooste, CEO of the Innovator Trust, says that entrepreneurship needs to be nurtured in order to provide viable solutions to some of the economic challenges facing Africa.

“The Innovator Trust is committed to supporting the growth of SMMEs and their employees, and we are thrilled to have supported Bheki and Mind Trix Media through their journey of development,” says Jooste.

Kunene believes that the future is bright for African creativity in entrepreneurship.

“Having been on this trip, I now have a deeper appreciation for entrepreneurship in our country and the African continent as a whole. I believe that the ground-breaking ideas and creativity expressed by Africans will take the world by storm”, concludes Kunene.

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