By Innovator Trust on 12 Feb 16



2015 has seen large enterprises restructuring and downsizing, which has led to SMMEs playing an increasingly important role in South Africa's economy and development. The small business sector has grown significantly. A large part of this growth has been due to partnerships. As part of a strong focus on creating a collaborative environment for information and communications technology (ICT) SMMEs, the Innovator Trust has partnered with Kulea consulting in order to further cultivate the South African ICT SMME sector.

The Innovator Trust’s portfolio of strategic SMME Enterprise incubator partnerships now includes Kulea Consulting, a specialist business consultancy in the Western Cape focusing on nurturing entrepreneurship and growing sustainable businesses.

The Innovator Trust is passionate about seeing development and growth in the ICT sector through the support of small businesses and entrepreneurs that have the potential to realise success in this sector. It has seen the value in collaborating and creating an environment that allows for growth and the possibility for SMME partnerships. Tashline Jooste, CEO at the Innovator Trust says, “We believe in providing support that creates opportunities for our beneficiaries to grow. We cannot stress the value we place on partnerships as they play a fundamental role in fostering a culture of collaboration and enabling the sharing of experience and resources.”

As 2016 approaches, many opportunities await the local ICT SMME sector. The Innovator Trust’s phenomenal Enterprise Development Programme aims to change communities through the development of ICT SMMEs, specifically through beneficial partnerships that deliver the best expertise and tools available to our beneficiaries through the programme. “Although, we have recently joined the programme we are learning how to streamline our operations. We are networking with other SMMEs and building relationships. With the Innovator Trust the opportunities are endless. We are excited for even further growth throughout 2016, with new opportunities and additions to our programme,” says founding member of the Innovator Trust beneficiary Flavalite Innovation, Dr Sibongiseni Tunzelana.

Kulea joins existing partners to the Innovator Trust such as the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) who recruit female-owned ICT SMMEs to participate in their Programme for Management Development. “Each partner brings a uniqueness and versatility to the Innovator Trust Enterprise Development Programme, which has been advantageously designed to assist our ICT SMME beneficiaries in gaining a competitive edge, as well create tangible and significant growth opportunities for them,” says Jooste.

The Innovator Trust programme continues to grow in building and identifying the massive potential of small businesses with a unique selling proposition, driven by passionate entrepreneurs with big dreams. “Partnerships is where it begins. If we want to see any real change, be it the development of black SMMEs in ICT, or growth of the sector as a whole, we have to focus on partnerships that bring value, knowledge and in order to ensure a real and sustainable impact. 2016 will be an exciting year for our SMMEs and our partners,” Jooste concludes.

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