By Innovator Trust on 19 Sep 16


In today’s business environment, social media has become less of an optional marketing opportunity and more of a priority. In fact, platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become integral parts of brand awareness, content distribution, lead generation, and customer acquisition strategies for businesses. This is especially true for start-ups working with smaller budgets. However, despite its importance, very few start-ups and new ventures understand how to maximise the potential of social media.

Marwaan Sasman, Owner and Director of Pigeon Pie: Design Lab, an innovative and tech savvy agency which is supported by the Innovator Trust through their enterprise development programmes, offers passion driven solutions, which are delivered by the latest technologies, says, “Ensuring you have an engaging social media presence which offers value to its audience may sound like a daunting task, but it’s about knowing how to build the foundation and prioritising REAL relationships. That’s the key to success on social media. The Innovator Trust has helped Pigeon Pie immensely in providing us with the support to scale up our operations and help our clients reach success on these platforms.”

According to Sasman: “Social media is the perfect opportunity to create a platform for interaction and engagement with current and prospective customers, clients or audiences. In my line of business, relationships are key to our success, and social media enables us to maintain and develop new relationships every single day. Social media is like a 24/7 networking event, and every connection is an opportunity.”

Sasman adds, “The first step is understanding what you want to achieve. Your business objectives should be kept at the core of your plan – do you want to grow your network, make more sales, and connect with key targeted decision makers? Draw up a map of all your business stakeholders or target audiences and prioritise them by importance and urgency. This will help you better understand who you want to reach. Also, do your research on the different social media platforms available and where you are most likely to find and connect with your target audience.”

Remember, broadcasting to social media pages is merely not enough, you need to engage with the audience, interact, and most of all, try to understand their needs. The more you understand your audience, the better you can serve them. Social media provides us with an opportunity that traditional media, such as TV or Print, doesn’t provide, and that is real engagement.

“Different social media channels will serve different purposes to your audience. While the audience may like to see fun and visual content on Facebook, they may want to see timely and thought-provoking content on Twitter, or visually outstanding posts on Instagram. It’s all about understanding the context of the platforms you’re engaging in.”

Social media pages require commitment in terms of resources, time and quality in order to create meaningful channels which make a difference for the SMME.   

“It’s time to revolutionise the way you think about marketing your business and social media could establish your offering and build relationships with the people that matter. Social media is not the future, it’s already the way our connected world works today, ensure you are not left behind,” concludes Sasman.



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