Gaining entrepreneurial freedom to grow a successful company

By The Innnovator Trust on 19 Apr 17

Gaining entrepreneurial freedom to grow a successful company

19 April 2017: Ask any aspiring entrepreneur what drives them to start their own businesses and you’ll probably hear “freedom”. Controlling when you work, who you work for, making the decisions and being in charge of what you create. 

As the owner and Chief Technology Officer of Akili Contentworx for over 12 years, Mncedisi Chris Mabhela knows exactly what that means, and is living that dream.

As a beneficiary of the Innovator Trust, Mabhela has bought into the freedom of choosing one’s destiny and the ability to spend his time on his own terms.

According to Tashline Jooste, CEO at the Innovator Trust, an organisation that supports the growth of small black-owned ICT businesses in South Africa: “Making a sustainable difference in the operations of small businesses resides at the core of our philosophy and we are pleased to be assisting Mncedisi and his team achieve their goals”.

“Through our Enterprise Developmental Programmes at The Innovator Trust, we are able to reinforce the efforts of the beneficiary in making their vision a reality”, she adds.

Mabhela’s opportunity-driven entrepreneurial spirit is what drives him in leading his team to best assist their clients to make their organisations run as efficiently as possible, provide value and generate profit.

“That affords us more time to accomplish more considerable aspirations,” he says.   

Akili Contentworx implement, customise, maintain and support enterprise software for their respective clients. They also offer training solutions across all platforms.

“We inspire technology professionals to find more relevant and user centric solutions to make sure that adoption and usage levels are high,” he says.

Mncedisi has a strong information technology background spanning over 15 years at senior consulting level and his experience spans across the retail, logistics, public and small business sectors. 

“It is this experience that has taught me that procrastination and the lack of planning will rob any business owner of entrepreneurial freedom,” he says.   “You have to instil the self-discipline required.

“I always keep my eye on the prize,” he says. “I focus on my dream and vision, which constantly reminds me of the fact that with discipline comes great reward.”  

Mncedisi concludes that although entrepreneurial freedom is one of the major reasons individuals decide on starting their own business, equally important drivers include financial prosperity and legacy building. 

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