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Overcoming the challenges of entrepreneurship

by The Innnovator Trust on 28 Jun 17

Neil Samson, Founder of SamNect 19 June 2017: There are various reasons why people become entrepreneurs and not the more traditional employee. This is mainly because the entrepreneurial lifestyle p...

Prioritising the development of youth innovation and entrepreneurship

by The Innnovator Trust on 08 Jun 17

Khaya Cokoto, the Co-Founder and Managing Director of X Spark   Some say you are born with an entrepreneurial gene; a passion which is as much a part of you as your DNA. For Khaya Cokoto...

How South African businesses can embrace the tech revolution

by The Innnovator Trust on 16 May 17

Marwaan Sasman, Creative Director of Pigeon Pie: Design Lab 15 May 2017: The Fourth Industrial Revolution was a hot topic at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos and more recently ...