Akili Contentworx prides itself in offering unique software solutions to organisations and companies in South Africa. The company implements enterprise software solutions for both private and public sector institutions. Founder and CTO, Chris Mabhele, started the business in 2004 after an eight year tenor in the industry, drawing on his extensive experience and identifying a gap in the marketplace as the ideal launch pad for an innovative business offering.

Currently, most of the company’s customer base includes government agencies with long-term contracts in place, including the Development Bank of Southern Africa, Mine Health and the Safety Council. Prior to joining the Innovator Trust as a beneficiary, Akili Contentworx had two permanent employees, a number which has since doubled.

A key challenge experienced by Akili Contentworx has been converting online leads to successful deals within the business environment. The company required a solid support and guidance partner to launch their business operations and drive revenue, and as a result of Akili Contentworx application to the Innovator Trust Enterprise Development Programme (EDP), the company has been successfully assisted in addressing these challenges.

Akili Contentworx is receiving training for its staff members through the EDP, which has contributed to employee understanding of key products and concerns. Akili Contentworx credits the ability to access the tools and strategic direction needed for streamline processes to automate the business, in addition to ensuring adequately trained/experienced staff members, as just a few of the key benefits of being part of the incubation process. With the support of the Innovator Trust, Akili Contentworx aims to develop a private sector pipeline as part of future company plans.