Meet our team


Tashline Jooste is the Chief Executive Officer for the Innovator Trust, as well as a pivotal member of our board of trustees. Having acquired unique and extensive business acumen during her varied career, Tashline has spearheaded the conception and realisation of the Innovator Trust, and oversees the crucial strategic direction of the organisation and its operations.

Tashline not only provides strong leadership from a business perspective to the Innovator Trust, but also embodies the core ethos of the organisation in her passion and dedication to empowering others. Meticulous, determined and fiercely independent, Tashline is known for her entrepreneurial flair, vast business experience, and being a strong advocate of female leadership - making her the ideal candidate to head up the Innovator Trust.


After completing her articles, Tashline assumed the position of Financial Manager for Marketing at Vodacom, where she was responsible for substantial budgets and the overseeing of the finances for the major corporate brand. Tashline’s impressive performance and strong organisational skills led to her becoming an integral part of creating the business plan for Vodacom Sport & Entertainment company (later named SAIL), going on to head up the Sponsorship Management Division for this venture.

Later as an independent business owner the experience cemented Tashline’s business prowess and expertise, and she experienced the challenges and successes of entrepreneurialism first hand. After her tenor as an independent business owner, Tashline accepted the position as New Business Director at SAIL, returning to the Vodacom family. During this period of her career Tashline was exposed to local and global innovation in business, taking part in FIFA 2010 World Cup projects, as well as overseeing crucial portfolios such Government Relations and New Business Development. Managing large teams and a multitude of high level projects over the following six years at SAIL, Tashline continued to build her reputation as a powerful and insightful business force in the industry, a view which was recognised in her various accolades, such as two top Company awards in both 2009 and 2011.

Having achieved astounding results in her career thus far, Tashline readily took on the role of CEO at the Innovator Trust in 2014. The organisation particularly appealed to Tashline’s passion for entrepreneurialism, as well as her drive to empower others. Tashline incorporates her strong leadership style, as well as her unyielding commitment to the goals of the organisation, in her role. Her wide range of skills and passion for creating opportunities for black and female owned businesses is a crucial element in the Innovator Trust’s aim of growing and nurturing of SMME’s in the ICT sector.

Tashline Jooste


Jancis Van Biljon is a member of the Innovator Trust board of trustees, and acts as Financial Manager for the organisation. Throughout her successful career, Jancis has built an impressive track record in the specialty fields of accounting, tax management as well as fund and asset management.

Known for her precision and close attention to detail, Jancis has been a major asset to a variety of businesses. A quintessential ‘numbers person’ who finds great satisfaction in creating models that maximize potential of funds and assets, she started out her career at Tim du Toit Attorneys, later completing articles at Bennie and Wilson Chartered Accountants (SA). Following a project collaboration for the Auditor General of South Africa, and the following role of Financial Accountant at United National Breweries, Jancis went on to accept the position of Senior Accountant Consolidations at Vodacom. After being promoted a year later to Financial Manager, her tenor at Vodacom positioned her as the ideal candidate to serve on the board of the Innovator Trust.


As well as technical qualifications and skills acquired throughout her career, Jancis has a strong internal drive, goal-oriented vision and passion for mentorship. Known by co-workers and fellow experts as a humble, approachable and trustworthy person, Jancis believes strongly in continuing to learn and develop herself and others, in spite of the seniority of her position. She leads by example and continually strives to act with integrity at all times.

A firm believer in using her own opportunities to help others to become the best they can be, Jancis relishes the opportunity to equip businesses with the necessary tools and opportunities to excel. Having a number of career heroes in the field as well as her own experience with entrepreneurs, Jancis has a deep insight into the challenges and processes for small businesses and start-ups. Because of this, Jancis welcomes the opportunity to harness her skills to provide invaluable assistance to the Innovator Trust’s beneficiaries – helping them maximise their potential and realise their business dreams.

Jancis van Biljon


As the Enterprise Development Manager at the Innovator Trust, Jennifer Padayachee’s extensive experience in the co-ordination and roll out of high-level business initiatives and marketing programmes, as well as her passion for connecting with others and building brands, makes her ideally suited to the important responsibilities and functions she oversees.
Jennifer, who has built an impressive career in the local and global media and marketing space, has a broad range of experience in a variety of sectors, which has equipped her with a unique and dynamic skillset. Having begun her career as a general administrator and office manager for Vodacom's Fraud Division, Jennifer went from strength to strength in her field, and before long became intricately involved with the organisation's marketing initiatives. It was here that Jennifer cut her teeth in the world of sponsorships and South Africa's broader marketing industry, managing both international and local sport sponsorships and grassroots projects alike.


Having solidified her reputation as a leading expert in her arena, Jennifer went on to take on the role of Sponsorship Manager for the major Vodacom Sports and Entertainment brand (later known as SAIL). In the decade spent working at SAIL, Jennifer was the pivotal point for the management of multiple top-tier suppliers, stakeholders and multi-million rand budgets, as part of her work with some of the globe's most prominent brands and people. During this time Jennifer also continued to develop her skills, continuing her studies with the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM), completing her BBA in 2010. She was also selected as a Rotary’s Group Professional Exchange programme which saw her gain a valuable six weeks of global brand experience in Denmark.

Following her tenure in the fast-paced global brand environment, Jennifer decided to utilise the skills she had garnered to benefit local organisations at a grassroots level in South Africa. Following a period spent at Metropolitan, where she managed all group sponsorships, Jennifer recognised the value that her skills in training, infrastructure development and support could add to enterprise development.

It was with this realisation that Jennifer took on her current role at the Innovator Trust, relishing the opportunity to bring her global expertise and vast experience to the meaningful programme. Known for her practical and organised approach, Padayachee also draws on her outstanding networking skills as part of her key operational role in the management of crucial incubator partners as well as the growth and sustaining of the trust’s SMME beneficiaries.

Jennifer Padayachee