The Innovator Trust helps to assist in the advancement of BBBEE in the ICT sector by:

  • Accelerating transformation in the ICT Sector through the development of black- owned and black female owned ICT SMME businesses.
  • Enabling the industrialisation of SMME’s in accordance with the government’s National Development Plan (NDP) in the ICT Sector focusing on women and youth.

Our aim is to support growth of businesses, improving the survival rate of BBBEE SMME companies by helping them become structurally viable. We offer a synergistic environment where entrepreneurs can share their knowledge, create working partnerships, and do business together which in turn helps to open doors to markets and resources.

The Innovator Trust’s mission is to provide a tailored development programme for selected, established small businesses in the ICT sector. Through training, mentorship, networking and infrastructure support the Innovator Trust is helping to create ICT leaders of the future.

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